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Home Births

Home Birth Australia
Home Birth Australia is a group of consumers and midwives committed to ensuring the survival of homebirth as a birth option for Australian women, with the overall aim of public funded homebirth across the country.
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Home Birth Access. Sydney
A great source of Home birth Information
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Home midwifery association
A group of Mothers and Midwives and their families working towards real choice in childbirth. Lots of information and access to support and the home birthing communities.
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Pregnancy and Birth

The Baby Shower Shop
Invitations, games, decorations, favours and gifts. Just about all you need to organise a baby shower!
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Multiple Birth Parents
We are an Australian multiple birth online community forum for parents with twins, triplets or a higher order of multiples. Whether you are already a lucky parent of multiples or you are expecting new additions into your life then this is certain.
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Belly Belly
BellyBelly.com.au is a unique Australian family website, offering real-life, gentle solutions for conception, pregnancy, birth and baby, all in the one place.
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Birthing Sense
DVD Birth Education Series Leanne Cummins, midwife & childbirth educator, has assembled a team of 26 professionals from around Australia to make this DVD series an informative prenatal/ birth education class for use in your own home.
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What Women Want
What Women Want (Australia) aims to be Australia’s first female political party dedicated to advancing issues affecting Australian women. What Women Want (Australia) will dedicate its work to giving women more of a say in the direction of our country.
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Active Birth Centre
Site of Janat Balaskas, founder of the Active Birth Movement. Great resource point.
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Maternity Coalition
A national umbrella organisation committed to the advancement of best-practice maternity care for all Australian women and their families.
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Loddon Mallee Kids
Loddon Mallee KidsInc (LMK) is a Not for Profit Organisation that is based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Our aim is to provide support, information and resources to families and carers who are involved with parenting prematurely born babies and children.
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Beyond Blue
Beyond Blue is a national, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders in Australia.
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A web site mostly about avoiding Cesareans and planning VBACs.
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Essential Baby
The Experience of 91,000+ Parents at Your Fingertips! – Australia’s largest parenting and family site providing information and resources for conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting and beyond! Online Shopping specialising in Maternity and Baby Goods.
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Australian Breastfeeding Association
Its never to early to prepare. This site offers a wide range of info and resources, to help support women wanting to breastfeed.
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Photos of bellies in every shape and size
Becoming a mother changes everything in your world – including your body. This site shares images of our bodies during and after pregnancy so we can see what real women look like.
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Sheila Kitzinger
Research, reviews, books and videos, all you need to know about waterbirth.
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Waterbirth International
Founded in 1988, Waterbirth International. The site contains important information for anyone considering labouring or birthing in water.
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The WaterBirth Website
The Waterbirth Website provides in-depth information on the use of water for labour, childbirth, and early childhood development.
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Doulas and Midwives

Essential Birth Consulting
A vibrant website, detailing the work of Melissa, a midwife working across the Sydney regions.
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Australian Doulas
Based in Perth, Western Australia, we are Certified Doulas trained to support women on an emotional and physical basis and to interact sensitively with all those involved with pregnancy and birth. Resources, links and more
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The Midwife – Brenda Manning
Great informative site. Wholistic maternity care website.
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Independent Wings. Victoria
Stunning website dedicated to the beauty of pregnancy, birth and parenting.Midwives, workshops and more!
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Your Birth Doulas
This website is designed to put you in touch with doulas (professional childbirth support partners) working in Sydney.
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Find a Doula
If you are looking to find a doula to support you and your partner through the birth of your baby, you’ve found the right place. If you are a doula who would like to make your childbirth support services known to pregnant women in your area, you have
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Wonderful Birth
Website of Lina Clerke, childbirth educator, doula and midwife in Byron Bay NSW
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Belly Belly Birth Support
Doulas in Melbourne
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Birth in Harmony. Canberra
Rachel believes all women have the innate wisdom and strength to birth their babies beautifully, in exactly the right way for them, if they are given the space and support to do so.
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Welcome to Birthready.com.au, the website of a Melbourne based doula and independent childbirth educator, Victoria Marshall-Cerins.
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