How to Fit the Liner on Birth Pool in a Box

Ready for your waterbirth

The single-use Liner for Birth Pool in a Box is designed to be a secure, high-integrity fit. The pool is inflated into the liner, which stretches the liner and holds it in place with the aid of the pool handles.

This short video shows how easy it is to fit the Liner - perfect for those who (like me!) prefer visual how-tos instead of long text instructions.

Using Water for Labour and Birth

Why people use birthing pools

Birth educator Amy Maclean explains why more people are choosing to use a birthing pool during labour, covering the physiology of birth and how to use a birth pool. The pool used in the video is Birth Pool in a Box.

La Bassine Birth Pool Set up

Watch how to set up a La Bassine birthing pool. Used for home water births and giving birth naturally.

Home water birth of Anuk

"My daughter Anuk was born at home on May 26th, 2010. Im happy to share this video with everybody because I believe that every woman deserves the freedom to choose the way she wants to give birth to her child. Today the "normal" way, which is at the hospital, seems to me far from "normal". Do your own research, home births empowers woman, and gives the perfect start for a new life..."