Made in water tested La Bassine, to see what would happen if the pool was punctured during use. La Bassine is an inflatable product…and accidents can happen, although we obviously hope they don’t!

After filling the pool at 80% of its capacity “Made in Water” opened the big valve used for deflating the pool to simulate a puncture of the pool, (a child with a sharp object would do, or a husband with a cigarette could do just as well…. as one long suffering member of the Simply Birth team found to her cost when “the nameless team member” checked a child’s inflatable bed while smoking…)


Taken after 5 minutes …You can see that a labouring woman would have enough time to get out of the pool. Note that the water is still inside the pool which is held by the upright I-Beams structure


After 30 minutes…the pool has lost the majority of air but still stands. This creates plenty of time to empty the pool safely, thus avoiding expensive insurance claims for damage sustained to carpets and flooring.