Being invited to honour and share the space of a woman, to share her journey
of pregnancy, labour and birth, has given me the opportunity to learn and be
taught that each woman’s journey is unique, different and sacred.

After a short career in nursing, I qualified as a midwife in 2005,
studying at The University of Newcastle. I worked in various large hospitals
and then a small country hospital, as my children grew.

During my work here, I felt that I wasn’t able to give what I wanted to women-continuity of a known midwife, and so I began my journey as an independent midwife. I wanted to be able to return birthing choices to women and their families and wanted to be able to honour women for whom they were and the choices they made, and to witness Beautiful Birthing once again, so in 2010
“Bella Birthing” was born, Bella means Beautiful. Soon after establishing Bella Birthing, we moved to the Central Coast of NSW, and this is where we call home.

I practice with the philosophy that pregnancy, birth and the postnatal
period are normal when women are nurtured individually, sensitively and with no
unnecessary intervention. Women are empowered to make choices that suit her and
her family’s needs.

As an independent midwife I worked with women to meet their needs so:

  • They could be in control of their own birth experience
  • They could nurture themselves to experience the natural, satisfying, empowering birth experience of their own choosing
  • They could develop a trusting relationship with their midwife, who would be there right through the whole journey of their pregnancy,labour, birth and the first few weeks of early parenthood
  • Their birth partners and their other children are involved in their pregnancy and the arrival of your new baby
  • They could be made to feel empowered, confident and supported
  • They can trust pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding as part of life’s normal process
  • That they can be surrounded by love, trust and respectI have always offered birth pools for the women who have birthed with me; I feel it gives them freedom to move, as well as the privacy of their own space; with the benefits of submersion, heat and buoyancy. Most women have waterbirthed with
    Bella Birthing!! I have 3 La Bassines and 3 Birth Pool in a Box.Beyond  independent midwifery I am foremost a wife to my loving husband Peter, we met in high school and married in 2005 with a beautiful ceremony in the small remote village Momi in Fiji. A year later we welcomed Katelyn into our lives and then almost 3 years later, Riley was welcomed in our lounge room in a “Made in Water” la Bassine pool (borrowed
    from a friend).