(so busy I missed a year!)

It is with great excitement that we venture into the next stage of our business. We are bringing Birth Pool In A Box to Australia and New Zealand. They are very popular in the UK and USA and I really think Australia is ready for choice.

As ever, we endeavour to keep costs low, but shipping from China is increasingly expensive and we absorb the increases as much as we can. We still think we offer great value and now sell to several hospitals through out Australia with more enquiries coming in all the time. We have also sold to Malaysia, China, Singapore and Indonesia. Even had an enquiry from South Africa.

So if you ever wondered what goes on behind our fabulous website, picture a stressed mum with at least 3 empty coffee cups at hand, kids tearing around, dogs barking at every passing cat, dog or bird and 8 chooks scratching about in the yard…its chaos! However, the kids know not to answer the phone and I try to catch up on most stuff when they are in bed, I absolutely LOVE my business. I am so thrilled when I see photos of women birthing in the pools and still love getting the photos, I have a massive back log of donated pictures that I need to update the site with. Soon, soon…

This is a little picture story of my 4 fantastic kids, assisting with the latest shipment.