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Acrylic Examination Mirror for Water Birth. Made in UK


Birthing Mirror Key Product Features:
Birth mirror
Easy to hold
Great reflection
25cm total length
High quality & Helpful to the midwife
Acrylic birth mirror with handle, suitable for use during labour and birth.
A mirror allows midwife access without you leaving the comfort of the birth pool.

Product Description

Designed especially to assist Healthcare professionals and Made in The Uk..
Water Birth / Examination Mirror
Made specifically for Birth Supplies, this mirror allows your midwife to see what’s happening under the water without you having to move. It also allows you to see baby being born.

Hand held mirror 25cm x 12cm.

These mirrors are 3mm thick and unlike glass are harder to break making them very safe to use both in and out the water.
Chlorine Solution is not recommended for use on this mirror. To decontaminate you can use any non corrosive solution, however, we stock Hospital Grade Disinfectant wipes that will not perish the acrylic of this mirror.

Wipes, found here.

Additional Information

Weight 05 kg
Dimensions 25 × 12 × 1 cm
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