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Oasis Oval Starter Pack


The Pool for the Fast Birthers, the space restricted and the water wise.

Plus 5 liners and a pump to start you off ! No carry Bag Included.

Product Description

Starter pack

Purchase for $310 and get :

  • 1 Oval pool, personal use Quality (0.38mm Eco phthalate Free Vinyl)
  • 5 liners
  • Electric air pump.

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 55 cm


Colour – Opaque Minty
Depth. 61cm
Size -163cm x 127 x 61cm
Walls – 20cm
Capacity. 416 litres of water
Weight. 416kg + occupant
Seat. No
Chambers – 3 ring design
Handles – No
Floor – 8cm, white for accurate assessments of blood loss.
Liners – Not included but available to purchase.
Carry Bag – No
Eco Friendly Vinyl – Yes (0.38mm Eco phthalate Free Vinyl)
Anti-Slip Texture – Yes, textured pool top and floor help prevent slips getting into and out of the pool and improves grip when changing positions.
This pool is for personal use.
Great Value

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