Many thanks to Julie, Paul and their new baby Miles for the following photos.

“Our first babe was born into the birth pool in a beautiful, peaceful home birth. We had planned to use the pool to assist with pain management as first stage progressed. However when my husband called our independant midwife to come over, after 10+ hours of labouring, we were surprised when she announced ‘this baby is coming now, we need to fill the pool’! In our practice run it had taken 2 hot water tanks and 2.5 hours to fill! My husband and the second midwife quickly went to work heating water on the stove and somehow they managed to have it filled just enough by the time my babe arrived one hour later.

“Falling in Love”

The water was an incredible tool for relaxation and surrender. The pool was a perfect size for me but was too small for my husband to fit in as well. We had looked at other pools but decided on the La Bassine because of the inflatable bottom (great for my knees) and handles. In the practise run we filled the pool and then watched a movie. The pool held it’s heat for well over 2 hours.”