Many thanks to Jo, Paul and Lucy Barker for taking the time to write and send some stunning action shots!”

“Paul and I didn’t have any set plans to birth our baby in water, but in researching for our homebirth we became aware of the pain-relieving effects water has during the later stages of labour, so we wanted a pool available”

“Of the two pools our midwives had available, we chose the La Bassine. It didn’t take as much water to fill (good for non-continuous hot water systems) and the inflated bottom and sides provided great comfort for sitting, reclining, kneeling and squatting.”

I used the pool for the pushing stage of my labour, which lasted 90 minutes and I remember thinking, as I was squatting and pulling on the handles to counter my contractions, that I was seriously going to pull them off! The fact that I didn’t, to me showed the strength, durability and quality of the pool (as anyone who has felt the strength of a labouring woman will agree!).

Our daughter Lucy was born in the pool and I’m incredibly glad I remained in the pool to birth her, as she was born all at once – head, shoulders and body. She shot out like a cannon and floated in front of me in the water. I don’t dare to think where she would have landed if I’d dry-birthed!