Many thanks to Yota, Paulie and Shaye, for sharing these amazing photo’s The birthing pool was MORE than I imagined. I felt very comfortable with the cushioned floor and those wide strong walls easily coped with weight and at times powerful embraces during contractions. The size of the pool I felt was perfect, i could move around freely and never far from the wall to rest on or reach out to my support group.

The set-up was very simple and quick to fill with warm water which actually held it’s temperature for the duration i was in it. I gave birth to a gorgeous and calm boy, Toa, on 9/9/06 needless to say everyone is ecstatic. Well now that summer is here the pool looks welcoming in the backyard, and I gotta say I love telling people its Toa’s birthing pool. You guys have a brilliant product and i encourage all women to seriously contemplate buying one. Thanks for been part of this incredible time for us